English Lit. Pretest Essay

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1. Which of the following is a planning technique? (Points : 5) Drafting Revising Proofreading Clustering 2. Analytical reading will be hindered by _____. (Points : 5) Annotating a text in the margins. Previewing a text by skimming. Reading only the abstract of a text. Discussing a text with a classmate. 3. Which of the following is a revising technique? (Points : 5) Editing for grammar Correcting punctuation Reordering paragraphs Checking for spelling 4. In a _____ essay, all supporting details clearly relate to the thesis. (Points : 5) Transitional Unified Stratified Simplified 5. Which statement is…show more content…
Please bring: silverware, beverages, and a dish to share to the potluck. 10. Using words or ideas in a paper without properly crediting the source is ___. (Points : 5) Plagiarizing Cheating Stealing All of the above 11. Which of the following should be documented in a research essay? (Points : 5) Paraphrase Direct quote Summary All of the above 12. All of the following are acceptable sources for an academic research paper except for ______. (Points : 5) Wikipedia Peer-reviewed website Personal interview Accredited journal 13. Which of the following is the best strategy for linking evidence to your ideas in an argument? (Points : 5) Presenting one side of an argument Including information from a website Including expert testimony Including logical fallacies 14. When writing an argumentative essay, which of the following should be avoided? (Points : 5) Presenting only one side of the argument Presenting opposing viewpoints Rebutting differing viewpoints Pointing out common ground 15. In order to create credibility in analytical writing, which one of the following writing strategies might a writer use? (Points : 5) Extended analogy Distended definition Hearsay evidence Abstract detail 16. Academic writing often involves crafting a ________, which can be

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