English Literature Class With Siddhartha

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Final Project This year is my sophomore year in PRISMS and also my second year learning in U.S. This school year, I have World and British Literature class with Mr. Johnson. It is quite different from last year English class, we have a tighter schedule of reading books and wrote essays more frequently. In this year World and British Literature class, I read different books, learned new ideas, learned how to analyse quotes, themes, characters, etc. I feel that this year of learning is very rewarding. In this school year, till now, I have read Allegory of the Cave, Antigone, Candide, Canterbury Tale (Prologue), Julius Caesar, Frankenstein and Siddhartha. Last year, I only read 3 books, comparing with this year, we have a tighter schedule and…show more content…
These study questions build up the main focus of the chapter and by doing them, it helped me to recognise some important informations that contribute to the main theme in the single chapter that I need to catch while reading. For example, while doing the Siddhartha chapter question, I recognise several important quotes that I did not pay attention to which reading it which contribute to the teaching of the chapter. However, I do not think going through the study questions one by one is really necessary. It is necessary to discuss the questions that we had problem on, but not that necessary to go through every single question on the study guide, especially the really obvious ones. I think it is better to discuss the important problems that linked with either the theme or main characters and their…show more content…
Writing these essays, I build my analysis and writing skills. In the beginning, I was not good at writing. I was struggling with analytical writing and did not know how to analysis the plot and quotes. Through the process and practice, I learned how to analyse quotes, the word choice and their significants and importance. I also learned how to connect the single quote to the theme or the characteristics of the main character. Moreover, I experienced creative writing, the monster story, I learned to think about plot development, important part of the story, what readers like to read in the story, etc. Although I did not write the story, I talked and discussed with Tracy and experienced these processes with her. These writing skills also related with my reading skills that by analysing the novel, I find that in the end of the school year, I can recognise the important quotes while reading the novel and can easily recognise the important concept in that chapter that I need to focused
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