English Literature Movements : American Literature

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English Literature Movements American Literature written works are understood in relation to their cultural and historical situations. The literary of the American perspective reminds us that can’t really be who we are unless we reclaim what we have done in the past in order to see where we are today. American Literature begins with the Native Americans. The values and principles were inherited in their stories. All their literary was inspired though oral tradition of their important past times that were passed down through generations and generations. As we learn from our Native Americans we also follow some of their principles in the constitution in “we the people”(Murphy). The next movement is the new settlers coming into America. The mayflower compact was composed of Puritans wanting to migrate to establish a colony. They experienced difficultness to survive with freezing temperatures, minimal supplies and source of food. They declared to help each other with no guidance for thousands of miles ahead. The colonial period was characterized by their desire to purify the Church of England worshipping God. Puritans then left England to colonize the new world. Settlers recorded their experiences through diaries and historical stories. During the Age of Faith, they believed that God existed and empowered the mind with freedom. Their literature was religion dominated, rational and felt the need for moral justification. The works was absorbed with narratives
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