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English Literature Poems Compare the methods that ‘Presents from my Aunts in Pakistan’ employs to highlight the importance of cultural identity with another poem? I have chosen to compare ‘Presents’ and ‘Hurricane’ as both poems highlight the importance of cultural identity in society. Both poets ‘Alvi’ and ‘Nicholas’ employ many different and similar methods to illustrate the importance of cultural identity. The poem ‘Presents’ is about the writer herself at a younger age feeling insecure as she is of dual heritage (mixed race) ‘in my English Grandmother’s dining - room. In the poem the poet begins to conflict with herself as she believes that she is not of one set race ‘I was there of no fixed…show more content…
Alvi also uses empathy ‘Prickly heat. Alvi does this show her character as being uncomfortable. In ‘Hurricane’ the writer uses the third person pronoun ‘her’ even though the poem is autobiographical. The poet does this purposely to distance herself from her home, her identity and her culture. The poet also uses personification as he personifies the wind as if it were a ship ‘The howling ship of the wind’. The employs this technique as it helps the reader build a more vivid picture. It also helps describe the situation better (what’s happening). In that same line that poet also makes use of onomatopoeia when using the word ‘howling’. The writer uses onomatopoeia to. In the poem the poet uses participial adjectives ‘gathering’. The poet uses participle adjectives as makes the reader feel like what happening is continual in this example movement. The poet also employs antonyms and oxymoron’s ‘fearful and reassuring’. The poet employs these to. In the next stanza the poet employs repetition and triadic structure ‘Talk to me Huracan, Talk to me Oya, Talk to me Shango’. The writer uses repetition as it emphasises the point or the feelings, in this case it emphasise the poets relationship with the hurricane. The poet also uses triadic structure as things are easier to remember in threes. The poet employs these two techniques in the same lines as it sounds like an incantation/spell as well as it sounding like
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