English Literature Study Program: Which is the Best Major Study?

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Which is the best major study? The question is never absent be asked by students of English Literature Study Program who are in the 4th semesters. The students have to choose one of the major studies as their majors/concentrations in their next semesters. The aim of the concentration is to help students to focuse on a major study so they can master it and be experts of it. There are three major studies offered, Linguistics, English Literatures, and Translations. Linguistics has concern on the grammars, English Literature on the English literary works, and Translation on the translating and interpretting English Language. The students need to think about them more than once because those major studies are not equally good, there must be the best major. To consider which is the best major study, the differences in the learning focuses, courses, and absolutely the employment prospects can be used as the considerations.
Every major study has the main focus of learning which is different one another. Student who likes to learn about grammar, theories, and likes to open dictionary to check the meaning of words and the way to pronounce words is appropiate to major in Linguistics because they have the basic skills to survive in the Linguistics world. Athough all of the students of English Literature Study Program have to learn about grammar, the Linguistics students have to learn grammar much deeper and they have to love learning about it. Whereas student who does…