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Directions: Answer the questions below. Use full sentences when applicable.

Give two examples of each of the following elements of fiction and nonfiction from the texts you’ve read in Units 1, 2, and 3.

Story of fiction: The Giant’s House
Story of Non-fiction: “Desiderata
Fiction: James, narrator, and Astoria
Non-fiction: Elizabeth McCracken
Fiction: In a Library on different days to find a book that James is looking for.
Non-fiction: It seems the narrator is at home describing the documented history that she has from her family.
Fiction: James is looking for a book on tall people and the narrator helps him by looking for him but
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The narrator tries to treat the character like everyone else but then feels bad and helps him in any way possible to find an answer.
Non-fiction: The tone in this essay is somewhat excitement to share all of the history she posses from her family and the love she has in doing so, her passion.
Fiction: In this story the perspective is that the main character is larger than normal in height, considered a Giant.
Non-fiction: The perspective in this essay is that Elizabeth’s family has stories of their own that she would not have known if it wasn’t for these letters that her Grandmother kept from all of her years.
Fiction: I found no sign of bias in this story.
Non-fiction: The author describes some frustrations in reading family papers; she shows some bias against her Grandmother’s sisters for being petty and vindictive in an incident from some of the letters.
Fiction: The purpose of this story was to show the difficulties a person like James go through mentally and physically being the size that he is described, a Giant.
Non-fiction: The purpose of this essay was to show how useful a family archive could be yet how frustrating it can be because of not being complete.

Argue a case for either the usage of hyperbole or understatement. Which do you think is more effective? More humorous? Explain your opinions, citing examples from the texts.

I think the usage of hyperbole is

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