English Morality Play Everyman Essay

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In the English morality play “Everyman”, whose author is unknown, characters of the play try to find what Everyman really values in his life. When Everyman realizes that he has not been living a life focused on God. Instead, Everyman has been focusing more on worldly issues and riches than he should have. Once the play goes on further, Everyman is then approached by a character, whose name is Death. At that time, Everyman notices that he is about to die. However, he also realizes that all the earthly things that he had once held on to now mean nothing and will end up abandoning him. Everyman knows he must repent of his sins. He is also on the look out for someone to go along with him on this journey so that he could show an account of his …show more content…
As Death approaches him, he begins to ask Everyman a number of questions; for example: where he was going and if he had forgotten who had created him. He proceeds to tell Everyman that he needs to take a long journey and bring his “book of count” along with him, as well. The “book of count” is a book that contains all of Everyman’s good and bad actions towards others. As Everyman hears that information, he realizes that he is not ready for all his deeds to be checked, and he finally figures out what and who Death really is. However, Everyman does not want to go on the journey all alone. He is constantly wishing for someone to accompany him on the journey. Although, no one is actually brave enough to go along with Everyman on the journey.
As Fellowship enters, he sees that Everyman is looking sad and immediately decides that he will offer Everyman his help. Everyman explains that he is in a “great jeopardy” and Fellowship vows to Everyman that he will not forsake him when he is in need of “good company”. However, when Everyman describes the journey that he must tread, Fellowship blatantly states, “In faith, then, will I not come there”. Afterwards, Fellowship flees from Everyman.
As Fellowship leaves, Kindred and Cousin make their entrance, and just like Fellowship, they end up forsaking Everyman. After that, he turns to Goods to try to receive help. But, Goods tells Everyman that the love of Goods is different
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