English Oral Communication

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You are the president of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) at an urban school. At the last association meeting, many parents expressed their concern about the poor performance of their children, particularly in Mathematics, science and the English language. They felt that the school should work harder towards improving the teaching and learning of these subject. The PTA could assist but the association does not have enough funds (money) to carry out its projects for the school. you wish to speak about this problem and suggest some solutions at the forthcoming meeting.

(a)Which of the following speech types will best describe your speech: informative, Persuasive, negotiation, or argumentative speech? Give reason for your answer.
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Each ethnic group speak its own brand of English with a particular accent, jargon and intonation(source text book) so the social context of my speech will be in simple English so that the audience can understand. According to our textbook “English for Oral Communication” pg.126 - Guidelines in Social Communication: Effective communication happens only when you understand and have respect for culture differences.

(e) Prepare an outline of your speech (see e.g. Topic 8.4.4,p.174)keeping in mind the purpose of your speech(topic 9). Use complete sentences to express your main points and supporting statement in the introduction, body, and conclusion or any other content structure that may be appropriate. E.g.

Good morning ladies and gentleman, my name is James, I am the president of the Parent-Teacher Association(PTA). I would like to welcome everybody to this meeting. Because of the feedbacks from many parents from the previous association meeting about the poor performance of students in Mathematics, Science, and English. Therefore, in the meeting today, we will talk about several solutions to the above concerns.

In order to resolve the above problems, the most effective way to improve the performance of subject mathematics, science, and English language is to encourage students to participate in the tuition
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