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“Dreams Converted to Reality”

In “The Symbolic Language of Dreams”, Stephen King speaks in depth about his writing process. King has written over fifty novels and sold over three hundred and fifty thousand copies worldwide. Most of us cringe at the thought of re-living some of our worst nightmares, but that’s not the case for novelist Stephen King. He uses his dreams and nightmares to sculpt his stories to his liking. King believes that dreams are the way our minds translate the nature or solution to our problems, and speaks in depth about this connection with his writing process. In “The Symbolic Language of Dreams”, Stephen King reveals that writing and dreaming are closely correlated, and writers prefer
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He points out that his pillows must be pointed the same way, which says shows that his routine needs to be unmistakably redundant in order to achieve his goal. People in all professions can use routine and redundancy to their advantage. We’ve all been “working” at one point or another, but in a zoned out state of mind. When we are running wild with imagination, it’s very similar to experiencing a vivid dream, which is why King claimed they have to be related. E.B White, author of “Charlotte’s Web” states, “A writer who waits for ideal conditions to work will die without putting a single word on the paper.” Writers develop their own routines that aid in generating ideas and stories, the most important part of routine is writing every day. Dreams can be very instrumental in any writing process. Some dreams stick with us forever and some of them disintegrate upon our eyelids opening. King talks about his writing process for “Salem’s Lot”, which he claims to be the most profound examples of dreams converted to reality. This was a nightmare that he had at nine years old, but still remembers this dream vividly as an adult. The unconscious mind retains so much information and many memories that the average person can access. We can sometimes have dreams of regression, which will renew those past memories, even if only for a few moments. King also speaks on how

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