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Introduction: Dead man’s shoes written by David Evans; David was born and raised in South Africa, but after 5 years in prison for anti-apartheid activities, he moved from his hometown. The story is about recently widow Anne Bezuidenhout. Her husband of many years Piet Bezuidenhout had broken his neck at the Pampoenfontein gymkhana and was now dead. Anne was pleasant-faced with wide green eyes and had a flickering, charming and tantalizing smile. Most important, Anne was rich. She had ten thousand morgen fully paid for, fruitful lands and all the right equipment. Not to mention the hills well grassed to feed sheep and cattle even in bad times, the money that everyone knew was piling up in the bank, the brand new Saab cabriolet, the…show more content…
We hear about gun shootings, when the suitors warn Anne to be living by herself at the farm. I would call this story a real life fairytale, because it has a lot of the characteristic features that exists in a fairytale. The reason why I would say it is a real life fairytale is because, it is much more reliable, realistic and it is a fairytale you can relate

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