English Prefixes and Sufixes

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INTRODUCTION There are 3 processes of word formation in English: affixation- addittion of prefixes and sufixes; conversion- use of the word in another class without any changes; and compounding- joining 2 words to form another. This paper identifyies only the first process(affixation), English prefixes and suffixes, meaning e classification of them and it gives some examples. The meanings given here, are not conclusive, but central. Further information can be found in large dictionares, which can also supply added meanings. PREFIXATION A prefix is a beginning that is added to a root word. For example, take the root word "purpose." By adding the prefix "multi" to "purpose," the new word "multipurpose" is formed.…show more content…
prefix + verb verb |Prefix |Meaning |Examples | |re- |again or back |restructure, revisit, reappear, rebuild, refinance | |dis- |reverses the meaning of the verb |disappear, disallow, disarm, disconnect, discontinue | |over- |too much |overbook, oversleep, overwork | |un- |reverses the meaning of the verb |unbend, uncouple, unfasten | |mis- |badly or wrongly |mislead, misinform, misidentify | |out- |more or better than others |outperform, outbid | |be- |make or

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