English Reflection

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In Mrs.Yu’s class I have acquired multiple tips and tricks to write more appealing essays. To make our essays better, our class has learn daily words to improve our vocabulary skills. In addition to learning new words, our class would create a sentence using the word helps us understand the word better to allow use to use them in our own sentences. Some examples of these words include, irresolute, consecrate, escarpment, monolithic, incandescent, and much more. Although our class spend numerous hours perfecting our essays, Mrs.Yu had us research and discover interesting facts about William Shakespeare. To begin our Shakespeare research, I wrote a biography on Shakespeare with the help of my index cards packed with useful information. Soon…show more content…
Although Mrs.Yu covered a lot of material in the fall semester, I think Mrs.Yu should have taught us some grammar. I believe that Mrs.Yu should have taught some grammar for a couple days to refresh what we learned in previous years. To elaborate, I think Mrs.Yu should have taught us some grammar because I would often find many grammar mistakes in my essays when I reread them. I also think that Mrs.Yu should have elaborated more on Shakespeare’s language because it was a bit overwhelming to read the original Shakespeare plays. They were extremely hard to understand at first because I never read or watched the play, so I had to learn the setting, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution though the original writing of the plays. However, after reading my first play, Hamlet, I was able to read Romeo and Juliet without much hassle. In short I believe that Mrs.Yu should have elaborated in teaching grammar and Shakespeare’s original language.
In general, I consider Mrs.Yu a great teacher. She is able to teach with a sense of humor while still staying on task. In the same way, Mrs.Yu is great at clearly pointing out details and instructions for certain tasks. I am also grateful that Mrs.Yu changes due dates of projects and tests depending on how the class is doing overall. To add on, I also admire how Mrs.Yu is willing to change her class such as her table layout. Although Mrs.Yu is an amazing all
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