English Reflection Paper

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Being able to learn what it takes to succeed in a college level class will be a great tool for me to use when I am continuing my education at a four year university. English 101 was my first college level English class and was definitely an eye opening experience. I was able to see what my professors will expect from my work, while also growing as a writer. Even though this was a life altering experience, I did have some frustrations and struggles along the way. The quick deadlines and flexible topic choices posed a problem for me. However, some of the essays assigned have turned out to be some of my favorite writings that I have ever produced. This past semester has allowed me to create an extensive writing portfolio filled with my journey of writing growth. Having class only two days a week was a new and interesting setup. The deadlines approached more quickly than expected, and I believe that is because of the unfamiliarity I had with the class setup. In my high school English classes, I was use to everyday instruction, and being able to work on my assignments during class. While writing my first paper, “Lefties: The People Who Are Still There When Things Are Not Right,” I struggled the most with the deadlines. This new journey made me realize that I needed to change how I complete my assignments. More time writing at home was necessary to complete a well thought out paper that I would be proud of. To be honest, I struggled with this throughout the whole semester.
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