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“Death in Everyman” Research Paper ENG102_D27: Literature Fall D 2010 Peggy Jean English, ID#3591339 APA Format Title: “Death in Everyman” Thesis Statement: The message of death in Everyman is associated with the search of the reasoning of life. Outline: Paragraph 1: Introduction and Thesis Statement Paragraphs 2-13: Explains the play, its characters, the author’s interpretation of the play, and the author’s perception of death and the treatment of death. Paragraph 14: Conclusion This paper indentifies the perception of death and the treatment of death of the anonymously written play, Everyman. This play, written in the 15th century, is used as a spiritual message to man from God. The message of death in…show more content…
Through Everyman’s better understandings of these misconceptions in life, he finds the courage and wisdom to not be afraid in the face of death. Everyman eventually realized to have the gift of arriving at God’s paradise, he had to correct his own faults, and while doing so not to rely on anyone else. Everyman’s perception of death changes during the play. In the first scene Everyman is afraid of death. He over analyzes the corrections he needs to make in his life. However, by the end of the play, he leaves Earth with a better heart and heads to God’s paradise, known as heaven. Inner transformation, occurring with the protagonist, becomes impossible because Everyman knows his life is in the face of Death. Throughout the play, the author has Everyman’s friends offer him succor while death is knocking at his door. Having said that, this calls attention to the abandonment of the actions he found to be good in life. Towards the end of the play however, they cannot help him, since he is already heading towards death. Most of the play focuses on the characters, or “traits”, that cannot be of assistance to Everyman. By “traits” I mean what each character represents. Everyman is the obvious choice of character to represent every man here on Earth. In doing so, the author obviously wanted a story that the audience members could relate to. As for the other characters,
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