English Romanticism's Influences on the Works of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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English Romanticism was an intellectual, artistic, and literary movement in the eighteenth and nineteenth century that swept all over Europe; it affected not only literature, but all areas of life and society. The concept of Romanticism started when people began to feel a deep concern for problems of our existence, death, and the world. Romantic literature was more emotional, personal, and intense than what had been seen in any other type of literature. Romanticism can include one or all of these elements such as emotions, childhood, innocence, nature, the past, supernatural, the common man, and the individual. When Romanticism reached America during the early nineteenth century it widely influenced American writers such as Washington Irving, Edgar Allen Poe, and Nathaniel Hawthorne to write Romantic short stories, poems, and novels. Romantic authors were motivated to write with more emotion, and expression, while adding more detailed characters without fear of judgment and dispute. One unique Romantic British author, Mary Shelley, wrote the Romantic novel, Frankenstein.
Frankenstein is a novel that tells the story of a mad scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who creates an outrageous creature in an unusual scientific experiment. Victor, obsessive by the desire to discover the secret of life, becomes convinced that he has found it after years of research and spends months creating a creature out of old body parts. However, everything takes a turn when one night he brings the
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