English Serial Killers: Jack the Ripper

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Final Research Paper One-hundred twenty-five years ago England saw its first serial killer, Jack the Ripper. His mysterious identity and evasion from the police intrigues people who enjoy learning about the criminal acts of infamous serial killers. There was poverty in this time in London and was having trouble with the overcrowding of people. Jack the Ripper has a very distinctive style of killing and all his victims were all killed a certain way. He was never caught because of the lack of technology the police had at this time and the media did not help. It affected the people a lot back then and it still has an effect on the people who live there to this day. London was in an industrial era and in the beginning of the 1800s there was only around one million people living there, but towards the beginning of the 1900s there were over seven million people living there (Emsley, Hitchcock, & Shoemaker). This shows that during the time Jack the Ripper committed his murders was when London had so many more problems they were going through and wasn’t prepared for him. The Whitechapel district where Jack the Ripper picked and choice his victims was one of the poorest districts in London. There was so much poverty and pretty crimes that the police didn’t like patrolling the area. Prostitution was really big in this area too, because it was hard for females to acquire jobs, and jobs they did find would barely pay for one night in a tavern or inn. Prostitution would be what most
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