English Should be America's Official Language Essay

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English Should be America's Official Language

The government implementing English as the official legal language of America is imperative because a conformity of communication within our borders is needed to unify the vast diversity. Our mighty country was founded on providing all citizens with equality including inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The United States is a progressive nation that welcomes people from far and wide to come and savor the God-given freedoms enjoyed by all. With all of the diversity from the countless immigrants coming in to our port cities, looking for a more prosperous future, a necessary tie is needed to bring the people of the nation together. Interaction with others
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(447). Dissolving fear in the post 9/11 era is, perhaps, the country?s most pressing need. The inability to help out a fellow American in a time when help is needed brings fear to many Americans. Examples of instances when help would be needed could be an attack on a building or a group of people on a street minding their own business. Communicating in the same language, so the group of people trying to help out can understand each other relieves stress in the minds of frantic compatriots of the situation. English as the official legal language will unite all citizens and will prove communication in a single language really is a unifying factor. To get through the troubled times, communication has eased the fears and heartache, but the separation of languages within cities still keep some of the startled citizens from a feeling of complete comfort since the attacks on the Twin Towers. The dissolved distrust and fear due to unifying everyone with the English language carries a message to the rest of the world that our country is made of an array of backgrounds brought together by a common language, which is not afraid. Immigrants coming to our cities today along with families that past on their heritage for generations need to come to a consensus on a very important concept to our American society: communication in a single language will promote a message that the country is striving forward
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