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Speech- Year 12
Paul Keating’s speech ‘funeral service of the unknown Australian soldier’ and Noel Pearson’s speech ‘an Australian history for us all’ have developed and expressed ideas using language appropriate to their audience, purpose and form. Despite the fact, it is fundamentally the speaker’s skills in the construction of the speech that determine its decisive success.
Remembrance Day. A time of reflection on those who sacrificed themselves for our country, Australia. In considering the value of Remembrance Day, we need also to consider the value of one of the most prominent Remembrance Day speeches, Paul Keating’s `Funeral Service of the Unknown Soldier' in 1993, at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.
Keating’s speech
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One of the key factors in crafting a persuasive piece of rhetoric is tailoring your message to the specific audience. This information will help you decide what sorts of facts to incorporate into your rhetoric as well as help you determine which means of persuasion would be the most effective to employ. Your evidence. When planning your speech or writing, collect any and every type of evidence you can find. Evidence could be facts, statistics, laws, and individual testimonies. It’s always good to have a nice blend, but remember different audiences are persuaded by different types of evidence. Some people need cold, hard facts and statistics in order to be persuaded. Others find the testimony of peers or a reputable authority to be more convincing. Part of getting to know your audience is figuring out what kinds of evidence they will find most credible and compelling
Noel Pearson’s speech ‘an Australian history for us all’ discusses his approach to trying to solve some of the most systemic problems facing Australian Aboriginals today. The speakers are successful in understanding the ideas and values of the speech. Through the uses of various language techniques and context, Pearson’s speech details the struggles of the relationship between the first European settlers and Aboriginal Australians.
In Pearson’s speech, the criticism of John Howard, who was at the time the Prime Minister, throughout the speech
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