English Syllabus

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I enrolled into this class not knowing what to expect or what concepts does this class will contain. After reading the syllabus, I now have a better understanding of the subject this class will covered, I am capable to describe and reveal what I hope to achieve from this English class. This English class have for objective to teach me how to” Communicate clearly, concisely, efficiently, and effectively with audiences of all levels and types. Write clearly and accurately. Understand the major forms and conventions of reporting technical information. Use research skills to develop and implement technical writing projects. Respond objectively to another individual’s written or verbal assignment. Gather research for and prepare a feasibility, analytical, and/or investigative report that includes…show more content…
Currently I am a part time employee on campus. It is really hard to balance between jobs and school, since both of them are taking my entire time. My responsibilities at my jobs are: follow recipes, prepare food for customers, provide great customer service and have the ability to communicate in communicate clearly in English. My strengths in writing are at first my creativity, it really does not matter if the story is real or just a fantasy. I give a lot of details and I always go straight forward to the point, I do not like to fill out the whole page with non-important elements, I want the audience to understand the subject or what I am talking about without them getting lost. I always use facts and researches, instead of talking about useless and doubtful information. I organized my work perfectly and I know how to follow the guideline depending of the subject or the assignment given. My weaknesses, I have plenty of them but I am working hard on fixing them, or to get better. I make from times to times some grammatical mistakes, as I understand many writers are struggling with it, and sometimes I get lost in my brain storm and cannot keep track of my thinking or
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