English: The Most Important Language Of The English Language

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Introduction English is a very important language for everyone as we use it in our daily life. English language we see now is the new form which has gone through so many changes for many years. Many events are responsible for these changes. English has many loan words which came from different languages in different centuries as well. Gradually the spelling and the pronunciation changed as well. Without these loan words English is incomplete. There are compound words in the English language where both the words are borrowed from some other languages and that new word made a space in English language and those are claimed as English words now. Loaned or Borrowed words Loan words mean those words which are borrowed from other language to make a particular language complete. They can…show more content…
So we can see that individually the words have different meanings and when they form a new word by adding with each other they have a completely new meaning. Origin of English Language English is a West Germanic language which was originated from the Anglo Frisian Dialect. It was establish in Britain by the German invaders who are known as North West Germany and Netherlands. So we see that English language did not occur on its own. It was derived from another language. So it has words from different languages and it also adopted those pronunciations. English compound words There are many compound words in English language where both the words are loan words. Some later on came into the use of English language by going through pronunciation or spelling changes. We have taken those words, put them together and made new words which have new means and now we use them as English words. Example - for sake, black magic, black bird, soy bean etc. These are few English compound words where both the words are loan words and these words have their own new
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