English Tragedy Script

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Something said between love and regret
Charles Ashley Jimenez as Nicholas Gomez
Mary Catherine Zoleta as Eddielaine Mae Gomez
Alessandra Camilo as Meredith Rivera
Denise Dee De Jesus as Veronica De Leon
Sigfreed Angeles as Darren Salvador
Jay Lemuel Buenviaje as Officer Gordon Ramirez
Samantha Bernal as Dra. Fiona Agura
Patricia Abiog as Inday Badiday
Patricia Abiog as the scriptwriter/director/playwright/ Clothing and Wardrobe
Alessandra Camilo and Mary Catherine Zoleta as props manager
Charles Ashley Jimenez as Audio Visual Manager
Samantha Bernal as Co Director
Denise Dee De Jesus as Disciplinarian/Beta reader/Co Scriptwriter
Jay Lemuel Buenviaje as Beta Reader/ Disciplinarian
Sigfreed Angeles as group treasurer/ buyer of
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(sigh) Veronica keeps on wrecking our marriage.
Meredith: First thing you have to do is be strong. When your marriage falls apart, remember that you can still count on me. I can help you of course. But for the time being, don’t focus on what you are going to do when your marriage falls apart. Focus instead on the things you have to do to keep your marriage from falling apart.
Eddielaine: You speak as if doing that is easy. Well, it’s not.
Meredith: I know. You just have to try hard.
Eddielaine: Well, I’ve got to go. It’s already 11:00 p.m., and my husband will probably be worried if I don’t get home early.
Meredith: You call this early? Well, if you must…
Eddielaine: (finishes her drink and stands up from the bar stool.) Good bye Meredith…
Meredith: bye Eddielaine…
(Curtains close. Curtains open. We see Eddielaine enter the living room where Veronica and Nicholas were.)
Nicholas: Eddielaine! You…You’re home!
Eddielaine: Why Nicholas? Are you surprised? I see we have a guest. An unwelcome guest. Veronica…why are you here?
Veronica: Well Eddielaine, Nicholas called me and told me to come here, so I did.
Eddielaine: Nicholas!
Nicholas: I just told her to go here so that she could tell you that we don’t have an affair.
Eddielaine: I don’t care what she says! It is obvious enough that you are having an affair with her! Veronica, get out!
Veronica: What if I don’t want to get out? I mean, this isn’t just your home you know…It is also Nicholas’s home. And

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