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Originally, First Nations had Fared Well; however, since the European invasion they have been the victims of the Well Fare system. First Nations are gradually losing their traditional ways of living. We no longer gather roots and hunt for our sustenance. We have inevitably picked up the European ways; we have become victims of the Well Fare system. The Secwepemc people have existed in their current territory for 10,000 years and thrived through their own work and trading with other tribes. The Secwepemc were affluent enough to share with those that were in need and in turn received help when the Secwepemc were in need. We took only what was needed. As time goes on the Secwepemc people continue to become prosperous in European terms, collecting and hoarding more and more. The Secwepemc take part in the local economy in various ways. As a First Nations people we need to find our way back to our traditional roots and only then will we find ourselves in a Faring Well community.

The word Kamloops is the English translation of the Shuswap word Tk’emlúps, meaning ‘where the rivers meet,’ and for centuries has been the home of the Tk’emlupsemc, ‘people of the confluence’ (Our Land, 2016). The Secwepemc people are a nation of 17 bands that occupy the south-central part of the Province of British Columbia. European contact with the colonial government divided the Secwepemc into 17 distinctive groups in 1811, with specific parcels of land selected for each. The Secwepemc people fall
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