English Vs. English Speaking

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It is important to note that for people who did not receive an education when English was being taught in public schools, would be at an extreme disadvantage as it will be much harder for the older citizens to learn English than for the young and upcoming citizens. But for the students who have an interest in seeking employment internationally, studies have shown that English language competence undoubtedly plays a role in their ability to find employment in countries such as the United Kingdom (Negash). Negash has also found that there has been a big influx of African doctors coming to Canada because the wage gaps between the countries are so large. Many African students will want for English to be the main language that they learn when…show more content…
Rwanda applied the switch from French to English rapidly. Most of the teachers only being taught rudimentary English before the change (McGreal). Many citizens were very displeased and in distress by how quickly Rwanda tried to apply English. The intent of the switch was to intensify the ties with their English-speaking neighbors. Plinski notes that many countries are now seeing that English can be used as a unifying language for nearby countries (Plinski). Rwanda wanted to transition to English so quickly because they believe that the sooner their people speak English, that activity in the country will happen at a much faster rate. But for other countries looking to be English-speaking it is important that they give their citizens, even the ones not in school, opportunities to gain experience with English. The government of Rwanda has reported that there are high levels of activity in the constructor and the service sector (Plinski). Plinski notes “countries in Africa often see English as an essential tool.” Even for agriculture, the farmers in Africa are solely dependent on their leaders to negotiate exports. The middle man in these transactions could be cut out, and exports could be handled more efficiently. In some cases, it would be much more accurate for farmers to deal with the importers of their crops themselves; they would the would
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