English Week Programme Report - Primary School

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------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- PUBLIC SPEAKING MONTH PROGRAMME REPORT ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- SK SEMENGGOK ENGLISH LANGUAGE PANEL REPORT ON INTER CLASS PUBLIC SPEAKING COMPETITION 2011 INTRODUCTION This year our school English Language Panel has carried out a public speaking competition as one of the panel programmes. This competition is the 5th since 2007. The competition was participated by two representatives from each class. Through public speaking competitions it is hoped that awareness is created among students on…show more content…
until 5.00 p.m. Below was the schedule of the competition: Date | Participants | Topic | Teacher in charge | Remarks | 1st Week | Year 6A1. Susianty Devan2. Mark Brooklyn3. Dyg. Aina Bt Awg Hip4. Fairuz Bin FaisalYear 6B5. Sulaiman Bin Fatah6. Syamson Ak Pete7. Tina Bt Jali8. Johnny Tuai | A Computer Replace A Teacher?Why I Enjoy Going To School.My Favourite HobbyIs Private Tuition Necessary?Why I Enjoy Going To School.Is Private Tuition Necessary?Do You Like Your Life As A Student?Is Private Tuition Necessary? | 1.Mr Jackson George (Chief)2.Mdm Magdalene Palog3.Mdm Nor Azrah Bt Abdul Aziz 4.Mdm Mary Lindang | | 2nd Week | Year 5A9. Amin Bin Abdullah10.Siti Munirah Bt Usop11.Palma Ak Min12.Bobby Ak NoelYear 5B13. Ramona Bt Aiman14 . Russel West15. Catherine Mark16. Abdul Wahid Bin Tamim | The Importance Of Water.Plastic bag?Yes Or No.Fit As A FiddleWhy I Enjoy Going To School.Fit As A Fiddle.I like homework.The Importance Of Water.Why I Enjoy Going To School.Is Private Tuition Necessary? | 1.Mr John Lang2.Mr. Kamal Hassan3.Mdm Salina Bt Salim4.Mdm Rose Bantam | | 3rd Week | Year 4A17. Zulfikar Bin Ali18. Mia Bt Kamel19. Nen Bin Jalil20. Harry WilliamYear 4B21. Nona Bt Mahjar22. Kamal Bin Hassan23. Samuel Teo24. Tan Kah Ping | Plastic bag?Yes Or No.Fit As A FiddleWhy I Enjoy Going To School.Fit As A Fiddle.Why I enjoy going To School?Food.A Computer Replace Teacher?My Favourite Hobby. | 1.Mr. Salleh
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