English Writer And Poet Gilbert K. Chesterton

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English writer and poet Gilbert K. Chesterton once stated that,” You cannot love a thing without wanting to fight for it.” Because true love, the passion that binds two people, is something that renews itself and is never diminished. It neither deteriorates nor does it die. Rather both bliss and hardship, distance and nearness, pleasure and pain, form the foundation for which love sits upon. Love, like steel, is tempered by the flames of adversity and as a result it is made stronger by its heat. Love is so deeply rooted and critical to humanity because in love there is stability, compassion, and comfort. In love people give a part of their heart, their soul, their own passion, to another. In a world of loneliness, uncertainty and danger, love is a constant worth fighting for. Moreover, love that one choses to not fight for does not deserve to be called true love. It can be lust, passion, or endearment but never love because the gift of love is sacred. It is selfless, mutual, and permanent. It is true.

The Mu`allaqat of ‘Antara is one such example of love that is true. This story mirrors that of the classical Shakespearean tragedy Romeo and Juliet, where love blossoms amidst two warring houses. The hero of this ode quite literally fights on the battlefield for his lover. The devotion of the man’s love can be seen by how eloquently he describes his feelings for her. He states, “She takes your heart with the flash edge of her…
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