English and European History: The Tower of London Essay

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Tower of London The age old fortress stands as a monument of English and European history. Through monarchs, bloody battles, from prisoners to executions and a touch from all London’s prominent events in history, the Tower Of London is renowned for more than just its magnificent appearance.
The tower was founded by William, Duke of Normandy when he conquered England in 1066. He began building the stronghold as a declaration of his power to the English people who were resentful of his reign. William invaded England and defeated King Harold and his armies at the Battle of Hastings. When he began building, the white tower was constructed, which was the first step of many more additions to make the castle we see today. Because it was built around war time, the tower was designed with the principle of defense. Roman walls, guard towers and gates were put up around the tower. Later other monarchs would also add more defensive walls, a moat, more towers and reinforce the military tower guards, Yeomen warders or more commonly called Beefeaters. Many of the monarchs continually improved on the white tower, in attempts to make it more and more secure. From its beginning the white tower has been the most formidable part of the royal castle.
Royal monarchs did not start living on the grounds until several hundred years after its construction. In 1220 Henry III began to largely expand on the royal palace and increased the castle defenses. When the tower did become a common place for…

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