English and Music Classes and High School Dropouts

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Music and English studies are very important to students in all grades of school. They are taught in elementary school, because that is the time in the students’ lives when they are most susceptible to influence. They are taught music and English studies in middle school, because that is the time in their lives when they are starting to figure out what interests them. Music carries over to high school and keeps the students tied to their friends through the school transition. The students are taught music and English studies in high school, and it keeps them busy with after school activities such as marching band and English Honor’s Society. These humanities are crucial as a young person grows up and transitions from a…show more content…
Keeping music in schools and putting it back into the schools where it has already been taken out of would help with the high school drop out rates. Music would help keep the children and teenagers busy, while teaching them about discipline, respect, and self-esteem. Other humanities, such as English studies, are also a vital part of a student’s development and a key factor in helping students stay in school. English studies are on the chopping block in school, just like music education. With the world becoming more and more modern with the internet and computers, people are skipping the fundamentals that used to be in place everyday in school in regards to English studies. Instead of sitting with a pencil and paper tracing letters over and over while learning to read in elementary schools, students are now using devices such as Leap Frog Readers that teach the students to read and write simply by having them touch an electronic pen to a word. The reader then speaks aloud the word so the child can hear it. In middle schools and high schools, the English language is being typed, rather than written, even though written language has been the foundation for cultures for thousands of years. Why are we as a society slowly getting rid of written language, the very thing that
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