English as a Global Language – 2nd Edition – David Crystal Chapter 1 Summary

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English as a global language – 2nd edition – David Crystal Chapter 1 summary In why a Global Language, author David Crystal explains what a global language is, how English has become the global language of today, and also why it is important for the world to have a global language. The article begins with David Crystal going explaining how English is the global language today. He explains how English is everywhere, it can be found all around the world, even headlines in other countries are written in English. From here David switches views and shows the reader that not everyone understands English, others all around the world, view English differently. English is not everyone’s first language and some even may feel threatened…show more content…
This is known as the trading language for this area. He then talks about the UN and how it was started using 5 official languages and that there is a widespread view that it would make sense to reduce the number of languages in the UN. This is to try and reduce the cost of translations and clerical work. But who could it offend? What language should be removed? This would cause problems as countries are proud to have their own language and be allowed to use it freely. So people decided to come together and have a ‘working language.’ English is becoming this language. David then talks about the dangers of a global language. People who have English as their native language could use this manipulate someone who has English as their second language. They can think quicker and maybe use some words that they know the other person wouldn’t know. He also says that maybe with the presence of a global language, people may get lazy to learn another one or even to learn English properly. A global language could also help to wipe out smaller languages as the younger people would be using English more than their native language. David then gives examples that a global language doesn’t automatically mean harmony among the people or understanding. As also with countries that have mixed languages, it doesn’t automatically mean they have problems. In the next part of the book, David talks about linguistic power, linguistic complacency and

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