English as a Globalising Language

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Globalization is an inevitable issue in the world, which brings boundaries between the countries much more close. Because of the sophisticated technology, the mobility of local culture, music, knowledge and goods has enhanced. As we want to communicate with the other races of people, we shall use one language to be a bridge. Therefore, the English becomes a globalizing language because of its clear structure and format. Does the globalizing language good or bad for us? I believe that the answer should not be one-sided. The truth is, English as a globalizing language can bring us good for Economics and local culture. However, it also triggers some negative issues.

In my following essay, I will divide into three parts. Firstly, I will
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Since we are using the American textbook in my political courses, I find that there are lots of problems. Some aggressive America writers judge that the terrorism can harm the world. In fact, the terrorism mainly attacks the United State for religious or political reasons. They seldom hurt the other countries but the US. The American textbooks use the US angle to judge the international politics issues. The context of the books may somehow of brain wash people. The spreading and globalizing English leads people to learn more concepts from the English writers. The American ideas influence and convince people through the text. The speakers who use English as a foreign language are heavily influenced by their racial background.

Many languages in European Union have no EU rights. They have no existing right to translate their languages. Beside the Parliament of Europe, the translation rights are usually limited. By 1997 the figures were French 40% and English 45%, leaving only a sprinkling in other language. .” (English yes, but equal language rights first 2001) The statistic emphasizes the tragedy that the monopoly of French has destroyed by English.

Is English a “killer Language”? A Denmark associate Professor, Tove Skutnabb-Kangas , described that English is a linguistic genocide, killer language and language murder. It means a local language became bilingual in other language, such as English; gradually cease to use local language. The greatest
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