English as a Universal Language Essay

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English language as a universal language and it is very important. Every people are urge to learn English language. Especially for university students who are going to enter society after graduation, English is perceived to be crucial for communication at work with regards to employment. But in Malaysia, the proficiency of English language among youth is declining. Start in the 70s, many concerned stakeholders from employers, linguists and educationists to parents have voiced their concern. (Azizan Haraiti, &Lee, Y.M., 2011) Low levels in English proficiently means youth are missing out on current and important issues. Mahathir Mohamad (2011) hopes young Malaysians to master the English language if they did not want to be left behind. Therefore, youth need to arrest this decline has never been more urgent. Youth can improve their English language by setting a goal, motivation and one's attitude, some English courses or classes can be taken and mass media also can help youth to enhance their English language.

English language as a global language and the most widely used language in the world. In 2014, there were more than 50 sovereign states and less than 30 non-sovereign entities where English was an official language. Some users of English as a second or foreign language are increasing dramatically, there are estimated at 300 and 100 million people respectively (Crystal, D. 1985). Hence, English is an important language to improve it. There are some reasons to improve…