English-based Pidgins and Creoles

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Evidently, over time an assortment of scholars has come forth to propose their different theories as to the accounts for the origins and development of English based creoles and pidgins. There has long been a dispute as to the extent these English based pidgins and creoles share a universal origin, with theories contrasting and overlapping. In this paper, explanations and evaluations will take place covering these different theories along with a short analysis throughout.
In short, the term 'pidgin' has been, by many, defined in different ways, yet all seem to share a similarity. Pidgin English, in its many forms can be defined as a bridge between languages, a grammarless and by definition almost structureless (although not necessarily) language, that has been developed and evolves to facilitate communication between two or more groups of a different language who do not share a common tongue. (This is also classified as a form of a lingua Franca). An example of such an English based pidgin can be found within Honolulu in the late 19th century known as Hawaii Pidgin English or HPE for short. With regards to the term 'creole', scholars define this as a pidgin that, over time and through generations, has developed and stablised with grammar and as many…
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