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Dancing through the learning process. CR1. Inks define the learning process in this essay as: “…a complex process to define; people learn at different rates, with different approaches, and different levels of satisfaction.” She compares the learning process in school with the learning process of dance and how the behavior show in one can have positive influences in the other. During this comparison the author reflects qualities that the student can learn during both process that can be run-through his life. The students cannot see how steps in the process of learning can be compared to learning to read or write but those steps could help to achieve their purpose in school or personal life.

CR2. Inks’s definition has the
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For me, learning to speak French, help me develops new strategies to memorize words or phrases. Learn how to dance, to drive, to speak new languages, or even math, open your mind to know things and perceptions that you do not have before. All those knew experience gives you confidence, making you feels more prepare and ready to learn.

Bring back the draft. Page 678.
RC1. This essay gives me some knowledge that I din have before. I learn:
What a draft is and the consequences of it.
The armed service has had to double the starting pay to recruit at least half of the enlisted soldiers.
It is not the best way to resolve economic problems.
Has been an increase over 24% of young people that will not serve in the Army.
CLI1. The thesis statement of this essay is about how the service in military has decrease in the last few years and how in response to that the Army has increase the opportunities of work in different position in the Army. The main idea is really explicit on the text: ‘‘…they could choose to serve in the military, in homeland security or in a civilian national service programs like AmeriCorps.’’ This idea reflects how the military try to attract those people how do not want to serve in the Army with homeland work positions. The author also recognizes how important the presence of new recruits, in order of facing terrorism, is.

CLI2. The audience for this essay would be young
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