Essay on English composition Task1

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Narrate a Time When Your Literacy Skills Have Helped You Achieve a Personal Goal or Accomplishment. Explain the Significance of This Accomplishment My literacy skills helped me achieve a personal goal which is to work as a computer engineer for a multinational information technology organization like Hewlett Packard, Dell, Microsoft etc., One has to be fluent in English and technically competent in order to get through the interview and also to succeed at work. English is needed in every aspect of today’s modern world to communicate with people at work irrespective of their origin. Since my teenage I wanted to become a computer engineer and work for multinational organization which not only …show more content…
While pursuing the course, I got a job from a small local computer hardware firm which I only worked for couple of days and quit as I was not able to continue the course. Immediately after completing specialization in computer hardware and networking I started looking for my dream job. I initially started attending job interviews of non multinational organizations to understand the interview process and also to know my weaknesses so that I could improve myself. The interview process usually includes four rounds, first round is the written test which comprises of aptitude test, English grammar, computer hardware and computer networking, second round is a group discussion or communication round where a topic will be given and we will need to effectively discuss about the topic with proper tone and confidence, third round is a technical round where I will have to face an interview with computer hardware expert and final round will be with human resources personnel who will talk about the joining process and company policies and procedures if selected for the job. After attending a few interviews for different organizations and not able to succeed through the interviews, I worked on my weakness and was able to finally obtain a job in a multinational information technology organization