English for Children Aged 8-12 Essay

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Title of elective: ENGLISH FOR CHILDREN AGES 8-12


1. How many distinct stages does an infant pass through between birth and 18 months? At which stage does the child / should the child start using consonants and vowels?
A: They pass through 5 distinct stages. The child should start using consonants and vowels between 20-25 weeks.

2. What do we call the type of speech is when toddlers (by the age of 2) start using 2 words together?
A: Telegraphic speech

3. At what age can children usually start to learn a second language?
A: At age 4

4. Between what ages would a TESOL teacher teach activities to “Build motor skills”?
A: Between ages 5 and 6.

5. Because children at the age of 6 enjoy
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I find if you keep saying the word and use enough motions students can pick up any game suited to their level.

3. List 3 ways flashcards can be used.
A: Flashcards can be used to teach new words, by having the teacher hold them up for the class while saying the word.
They can be used in a game where you stick each flashcard on a part of the wall around the classroom and children run to the correct flashcard when the teacher calls out a word.
They can also be used for children to learn the letters of the alphabet. The teacher has picture cards of apple, ball, cat, dog, egg etc. and holds them up at random. Students are divided into two teams, each with a set of flashcards from A-Z. When the teacher shows a picture students race to find the letter that word begins with.

4. What are the advantages of using Board games in the TESOL classroom?
A: Board games generate spontaneous situations within a defined linguistic area, hence this is the perfect opportunity for the teacher to take back stage, and just give 'hot correction' when required. This allows students a greater chance to use their English speaking skills for a longer duration of time.

5. Develop Intermediate level questions for a game of “Tic Tac Toe”.

How often do you listen to music? | What is your name? | Where do you go to buy clothes? | What do
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