English's Role Of English In Global Language In Communication

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Role of the teacher The role of the teacher spans from both inside and outside the classroom. From its roots to it’s role in global environments as well as communications. Origins of English, role of English globally , and how it influences communication are all information that corresponds to the deeper understanding of the English language. With the understanding of the English language means a deeper understanding of both global affairs and history. The origin of English can be categorized chronologically into 4 historical periods. Old English, Middle English, Early Modern English and Late Modern English. Old English started in Modern day Germany in the year 450, the Angle tribe that speaks Englisc invades modern day England. From there Englisc morphed into old English then Middle English began. It was 1066 and Normans’ of France invade England , French becomes the language of the rich and English the language of the impoverished. Early Modern English, 1500, books became inexpensive and more prevalent with the invention of the printing press, literacy boomed. The great vowel shift happened soon after, which was a series of changes to the pronunciation of vowels, silent letters specifically. Late Modern English, 1800, distinctions from American and British English were formed, i.e. Colour and color. The United States made new inventions so new words were created due to advancement in S.T.E.M. England colonized many places so each country adapted their own
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