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Fifty Shades Purer- a short story

She had not seen the sun for days. In fact, it had had been weeks, months or years since she last felt the sunrays on her pale skin. She had seen nothing but white since they locked her in, everything in the room was white, she had only eaten rice since she ended up in that room. It was only a matter of time before she would lose her mind completely. It was all because of him.
Love can be such a dangerous indulgence sometimes, and this time she was the one to pay the price.
She gave up her dignity, purity and virtue … her everything, all because of him. They could have had a future together, they would fulfil their dreams and wishes; complete the impossible mission.
They would be the saviours; they
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He was definitely fabulous, she thought to herself.

Bandalf told her she was the chosen one and Jean, who were French, was her companion, they had to go against the totalitarian regime and find the land of the forgotten. It was an almost impossible mission, but they were chosen for it. The Island wanted them to, it had reached its decision- they were ideal for it.
She woke the following morning and had an epiphany; this was going to be her destiny. She would find the land of freedom and happiness, and her soon to be lover, Jean would aide her in this perilous mission.

Jean’s cold, empty eyes were penetrating her soul. She felt her insides turn to ashes, her whole body and mind withered, as she looked at his head, not more than a few centimetres from her. Some dogs had begun tearing it apart, tearing the skin off so that the bones were visible.
Juliette woke up abruptly, this dream she dreamt almost every night. Her head was exploding- she had another migraine.
The door slowly opened, an old man in a dark cloak stood there, staring at her, his voice was grave: “Juliette, it is time… you shall be pure now, come with

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