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Matthew Thompson Final Paper ENGM 244 Section 4 Introduction As the new CEO of HoloSolar Industries I am excited to help the firm realize its full potential as a profitable and fast-growing company. I have studied the inner workings of the company, and I plan to give the board unbiased, honest recommendations based on my findings. Hopefully the implementation of my proposals will help rectify the current state of affairs at HoloSolar Industries and restore its success, as filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not an advisable option. I would like to now provide a better understanding of where these recommendations come from. Results from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) place me in the ISTJ category. This type of person is typically…show more content…
I then moved down the chain and conducted interviews with their subordinates in the various levels of middle management. What I found to be the main issue within the company is the vast disconnect there seems to be between middle and upper management, both in terms of communication and basic interpersonal relations. Middle management within HoloSolar does not feel like it is getting clear messages. It is evident that some members of upper management would benefit from communication and management training. For example, it has been noted that the VP of Advanced Manufacturing, Elizabeth Martin, has trouble bridging the gap with her floor workers – the purported reason being she wears a pant suit on the factory floor. Obviously this cannot be the sole cause of her detachment; although visual appearance certainly is a factor, it is heavily outweighed by effective communication skills and can easily be compensated for with the right training. Rhonda Peters in Human Resources, who is well-liked, easy to work with, and good at settling office disputes, would be perfect for providing this training, for both Elizabeth and other members of upper management. Rhonda’s Myers-Briggs result indicates that she is an extrovert with high influence, the combination of which should aid in her communication with the other executives. Additionally, her ability to sympathize is supported by the high consideration score from her LOQ, a rating that is been found to be ideal for employee

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