Enhancing Airplane Security

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Airplane security should be enhanced because, the more thorough it is, the safer the passengers and pilots are. The passengers and pilots’ lives rely on their security. They put their lives in the in the hands of those who assure that security. One “slip up” in a security check could lead to hundreds of people losing their life. Men, women, children, moms, and dads are all losing their life due to one small mistake. These mistakes could easily be avoided by enhancing the security. Smuggling people, alcohol, and weapons have become a problem. Finding the securities weaknesses and loopholes could stop these problems. Weapons have been a problem, finding loopholes in security and getting by lazy security workers. In 9/11, it was said that the system wasn’t even a challenge for the terrorists. They could easily purchase their tickets, pass through the security’s checkpoints, and carry their weapons onto the plane. Slipping through security loopholes to carry out their plan. Even Susan Baer, a general manager at Newark International Airport in New Jersey where a hijacked plane took off, claims she had never been informed of any breaches in security that took place that day. Yes, there are X-rays and even devices similar to CAT scans to screen carry-ons. However, an X-ray's beams scan vertically, so if a knife was lying down, it could look like a small wire. The CAT scans produce 3D images, but is much slower and only few bags are checked with it; even fewer of those are
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