Enhancing Athletic Performance While Reducing Injuries Essay

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Enhancing Athletic Performance While Reducing Injuries In hockey you need both general fitness and specific fitness. You need good strength, stamina, speed, agility, balance, co-ordination, fast reactions and many more. All these can help every individual become better at their sport and have better health. These fitness needs can also prevent many injuries as you are less agile to your sport. Fitness levels can also be affected by many things such as illness, weight, alcohol and drugs, dieting and psychological factors.

You should always warm up
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The same injuries can occur in many different sports in different situations but there can be more common injuries in each individual sport such as legs in football, shoulder or arm in javelin and hands or ankles in netball etc. Environmental injuries are things such as frostbite, hypothermia, exhaustion and heat stroke. Injuries can also occur due to physiological reasons making the person become fatigue, have muscle soreness and depletion of energy reserves. Before carrying out a session in the individual sport, a risk assessment should be preformed as there are others risk factors that should be identified such as slippery surfaces, equipment left out, food or drink that may be tipped in the training area. You can outline whether or not the area is suitable for that sport or the right age group and if not, how the safety issues could be improved. You also have to take into consideration the age of the sportsperson as already mentioned.

In hockey, it is important that the right equipment and footwear is worn to prevent injuries and to have a pre game warm up and stretching. Overall, a hockey team needs to wear gum shields to protect their mouth and teeth from hockey balls and sticks, shin guards to protect their legs from sticks also, body protection such genital protectors, gloves to protect hand and knuckles from sticks, Astroturf trainers to get
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