Enhancing Construction Project Productivity & Safety

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MAY 2014 592 MAYER STREET OGLESBY, ILLINOIS 61348 815 220 7720 Enhancing Construction Project Productivity & Safety Practicing safety while completing projects should take the cake when prioritizing work. When quality systems are in place and employees are properly trained, a company can thrive by increasing productivity. Centering a business on a solid business plan helps build an organized company from the get-go. Prioritizing goals and tasks diminishes stress, diverts loss, and saves wasted time. Putting proper systems in place generates productivity results and can facilitate contented employees. When all workers are required to complete a job a certain way, everyone has a certain level of expectancy in the quality…show more content…
Following the proper procedures by knowing how to safely operate, load and unload equipment, as well as dressing properly for the job being performed should all be taken into consideration. Proper training creates safety, enhances productivity, generates money, and saves valuable time. Many believe that being a “Jack of All Trades” and a master of none is an accommodating skill to possess in the workplace. Being knowledgeable of how to do others’ jobs helps prevent major mistakes. For instance, if an employee is working on a project and a fellow employee looks over and notices obvious mistakes being made, that employee has the opportunity to speak up and make a difference. In doing so, potential time, supplies, integrity, (and even sometimes safety) aren’t compromised. Some companies opt to offer further education for their employees and even sometimes choose to bring in experts within the industry to conduct training. Investing in your employees in such a way can very well give a company a great ROI or return on investment. Investing in your employees makes them feel appreciated and valued which creates better performance results. What is your Return on Investment? Investing in employee training can be more effective than competing for outside talent. Setting a training budget to develop talent within the company can be the most cost-efficient option for furthering a company. When launching additional training for employees, first determine
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