Enhancing Cultural Interactions and Removing Misunderstandings

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Introduction Since the development of technology, travelling and communication has become extremely easy and common. Interaction with anyone from any part of the world is possible at anytime from anywhere. Cell phones, internet, television and other technological devices allow us to interact and communicate with the whole world with just a click of a button. Because of these rapid technological advancements, we can now understand and interact with people from various cultures and backgrounds. Even before we meet any foreigner, we have an idea of how his/her culture is how people are in his/her country. That makes us assume and preconceive some notions as a result of which we interact accordingly. Electronic interaction is quite different from face to face interaction which is the reason why sometimes, people assume some features about various cultures. The information provided to us by the media is not correct always and obviously, every person is not the same. Therefore, culturally, we can say that cultural differences make it difficult for us to interact with other people from different cultures at times especially, due to the fact that we have created a cultural image of each respective culture. In order to understand this whole debate, we must at first understand what the definition of culture is. Culture is derived from the Latin word "cultura" which means "cultivation". The term culture was first used in its actual sense in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe

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