Enhancing Drugs And Its Impact On Academic Integrity Statements At Colleges

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Finally, students who use unprescribed Adderall have an unfair advantage over others and should be put into effect into academic integrity statements at colleges. In sports the use of performance-enhancing drugs is considered cheating and is a universally accepted rule. The Tour de France is a bicycle race that tests bikers’ abilities to bike around France without any outside help. Lance Armstrong was stripped of his seven titles of the Tour de France when he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs. Similar reasoning should be applied to using neuro-enhancing drugs illicitly in college. The illicit use of Adderall has a negative affect not only on the user, but the academic community that they are in. A student who does not use Adderall may not gain admission into college because there are a finite amount of spaces and a user of unprescribed Adderall got in (Varga, 2012). Abusers of Adderall can also skew the percentages of “the ranking system of some standardized tests (e.g., LSAT)” (Varga, 2012). The increase in standards puts many students at a disadvantage who do not participate in the illegal use of Adderall. The higher standards and expectations are for students the more students are put at a disadvantage. Higher expectations put students under more and more pressure, which could lead them to feel as though they need Adderall to keep up. Many individuals who are personally prescribed Adderall consider taking the drug without a prescription as cheating since they…
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