Enhancing Ones Beauty : My Life

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Enhancing Ones Beauty “As they step in through the big delicately flowery curved doors, the whole crowd gazed at them with their eyes wide open chasing these three glamorous stars as they make their way to the end of the red carpet,” my cousin, who plays the reporter, would dramatically say. When I was a little girl I’ve always enjoyed playing house with my cousins. We would make these fabulous stories about pretending to be dazzling actresses with a great sense of fashionable taste and owning all the high-end brands and we never forgot to include our made up private room that’s just for the make-up supplies and all the make-up brands from NYX all the way to Lancôme. I remember the first day I wanted to try make-up, even though I only…show more content…
Some girls prefer to go bare face, some keep it natural by putting only lipstick and blush, some like to put a full makeup face, and some like to change their features permanently by choosing to get plastic surgeries. As we could see, there are many different methods for improving one’s looks. However, most people, such as elders or the opposite sex, misunderstand the idea of makeup and tend to judge the girls who wear it. Writing on behalf of the girls who like to use makeup, I believe that applying makeup in moderate amount and choosing the suitable colors for the individual’s skin tone doesn’t only hide certain flaw that a girl feels insecure about but also enhances her beauty. For example, a girl suffers from acne and dermatological problems leads her to feel really insecure about showing it off in public and embracing it. She has long eyelashes with very definite high cheekbones that make her look exotic. Any make-up artist would recommend using the right shade of foundation to hide her acne and evens out her skin. To enhance her features, she could also use some volumizing mascara to pop up her long lashes and make them more visible by making the hairs thicker from the creamy black/brown mascara. Also, she could contour and high light her bone structure, for instance, her high cheekbones by highlighting them she’s showing us that she’s proud of the way she’s created and
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