Enkidu And The Impact Of Civilization

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Enkidu and The Impact of Civilization The Epic of Gilgamesh was written between c.2150-1400 BCE in the ancient city of Mesopotamia meaning “between two rivers”. The epic is also considered one of the worlds first great works of literature. From the beginning to the end of the epic, many themes are expressed through the text but one in particular that stands out is the effect of civilization on humanity. The effect of civilization on humanity was a reoccurring theme in the story in regards to one of the main characters, Enkidu. Throughout the epic, many questions arise around the idea of civilization, is civilization a good thing, or is it bad, what is gained though civilization or what is lost? All these questions in regard to epic…show more content…
Enkidu set everything in balance, if something like a snare or holes from “civilization” disrupted the natural balance of the world, Enkidu would be the one to set things right. At this time in the epic, Enkidu was in his purest, most innocent form. This way of living could easily be connected to The Daodejing and what Daoist would call living with the “Way”. Enkidu was just another smaller piece to a bigger play or picture, he was doing what his creator (Ninurta) made him for, and that was to protect and be at one with nature. He was living with the way by living in the simplest way possible which was running with the animals and living unaffected by civilization. He did not put labels on any of the things around them because if he did so he would be limiting his view of the world. Endkiu had no desires, no wants, no needs, except for the basic necessities such as food and water. But even for those needs he did not worry, one could easily connect Enkidu the the bible because he subconsciously knew that nature and god would some how provide and did not take the time to worry about little things. Then one day a trapper complains about Enkidu to the mighty king, Giliamesh, and he decides to send essentially a prostitute named Shamhat to seduce and use
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