Enlightenment And The Zenger Case Analysis

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After the fall of The Roman Empire, the ideals of a democratic society largely ceased to exist in Europe, with monarchs ruling over citizens born in to strict, pre-determined socioeconomic conditions. This predefined structure of life is what lured many people to The New World. The idea of a life where one had control over how far up the class ladder they would climb was enticing enough for some to leave the life they always knew, for the chance at a better one. Between the years 1607 to 1745, the democratic ideals once unimaginable to people began to develop, The Virginia House of Burgesses (1619), The Mayflower Compact (1620), and The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639) all played paramount roles in sparking the development of a democratic society in the colonies. Also …show more content…

The first of three events which led towards a democratic society being developed in North America came in Virginia in the early 17th century. As the Virginia colony grew in size and population, some kind of legislative body was necessary, leading to the creation of the Virginia House of Burgesses. Established in 1619, the body consisted of twenty-two elected representatives which met for a six-day meeting at a church on Jamestown Island. These elected representatives formed the first legislative body in the American Colonies. The formation of the Virginia House of Burgesses would have an effect on the eventual formation of similar legislatures and governments throughout the Colonies. Just one year later, another key event which led to democratic ideals in the colonies came to be. Whilst aboard the Mayflower in 1620, a document was drawn up and signed by all the

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