Enlightenment Impact On Education

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The Great Enlightenment caused a great influx of independent thinkers and progressive ideas in the Western world. Through new philosophies coined by Locke, Voltaire, Descartes, Montesquieu, and many others, a new age in society was jumpstarted. Through the Age of Enlightenment, many revolutions were sparked in several areas of life. Enlightenment was a loose revolution made of scattered “philosophes” that caused a change in life as it was known. The Age of Enlightenment could easily be defined as the most pivotal event in history due to its mass effects on education, individuality, and theoretical advancements. The Enlightenment can easily be coined as the most important and pivotal event in history, especially due to its massive impact on education. The influence on the education system of the 18th century created the organization of education that is known in the 21st century; the impacts of the Enlightenment will never end. New ideologies were drastically morphing society through the education institution, “...with the Enlightenment, people began to embrace new ideas about freedom of expression and new rational methods to investigate the world,” (Changes in Society). With the newfound freedom of expression, members of European society could begin to perform their own investigations, share their findings, and further educate themselves and others. The start of the Enlightenment sparked another Scientific Revolution, due to the new findings among the philosophers of
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