Enlightenment Kant

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In taking Philosophy, I have been exposed to a wide variety of ideas and concepts that most think about every day, but are not analyzed. In understanding different theories and how they apply to knowledge, the development of thought can only be a representation of the moral and ethical backgrounds of the individual. When analyzing a text, I find it intriguing that a simple degradation of a thought into such a simple ideal can cause more questions to be asked than can be answered, which brings me to my point. The concept of a higher being, an entity, a greater power, has always been fascinating in its attempt to explain the world, and its ability to gain a sense of enlightenment from idolizing something that can possibly be a made up ideal to…show more content…
In his writing there was a mention of committing by oath to another set of doctrines, but Kant retorted by mentioning how this could prevent “all further enlightenment for mankind forever” (). Kant’s ideology on religion seeks to reserve the sanctity of religious freedoms and the values that each citizen rightfully deserves. There is the notion that practicing religion and the obtainment of enlightenment allows people to see beyond what they are listening to. It allows them to see that in some situations religion and church are political sharks that control the publics’ behavior through doctrine. This form of practice ensures the church can control growth of reason, but it is also within our control to find beliefs that limits the development of your reason. In trying to understand this I began to recall periods in history when the church had overwhelming control over citizens, and most person in charge of the church had political leverage because of their wealth. Then I began to wonder if it was still prevalent today, but only in some ways. The church is no longer allowed to hold land, and wear clergical robes in the streets. Today I have noticed that there isn’t much church governing today, but they still have their
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