Enlightenment, Realism And Literary Periods Before The 1850's

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There are many periods of literature that work in tandem to explain the history of America. Literary Periods before the 1850’s contain Renaissance Literature, The Enlightenment, Romanticism, Transcendentalism, Victorian Literature, and Realism. These periods show evidence of their impact on America because American literature periods before the 1850’s contain similar traits. They are The Colonial Period, The Revolutionary Period, The Era of National Expansion, The Early Writers/Concord Writers, and Literature in the Cities. The beginning few periods, in particular The Renaissance Literature and Colonial Periods, are the starting blocks for literature. While America was coming into fruition, its literature began to show how the idea of…show more content…
In the poem “A Political Litany”, Philip Freneau argues American culture is one full of self-righteousness and freedom: freedom from those “who fight against freedom/ Who still follow on where delusion shall lead them” and freedom from “fools that are waiting for further submissions” (5-6, 8). American culture holds itself above other countries because Americans deduce their actions, beliefs, and morals to be unerring. This mindset has shaped American culture into a culture of egotistical, self righteous, and pretentious beliefs. While many forms of American literature can atest to this view, the film April Morning by Howard Fast brings a contradictory positive light to the stereotype that is American culture. At the time before the civil war, life revolved around the idea that America was a growing, progressive country that held new opportunities for the common man. These opportunities made the American way of life, or American culture, seem that much more inviting and prosperous. Fast uses the coming of age story of young Adam Cooper during the civil war to create a metaphor for the growth and maturity American culture has gone through to achieve its progressive stereotype: “We had won the battle, but there is less joy in winning the battle than the history books tell you”.
American culture has been on an undefined trend, however it has positively affected the term freedom. Philip Freneau further states his definition
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