Enlisted Distribution And Assignment System Essay

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Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System The Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS) is a great system with minimal hardware and software requirements. The system is simple and effective at what it does. Competition is scarce and there are very few things that should be changed involving the technical aspects of the system. The more than 100,000 assignments that are processed through EDAS annually are vital to the versatility of the Soldiers in the greatest Army the world has ever known. Server-Side Hardware Requirements There is a shift that has been occurring in recent years to move away from server hardware to cloud computing. As Gallaugher stated, it is “evident in IBM’s quarterly numbers” (pg 217). The company saw an increase in earnings with a larger decrease in hardware sales. Though this may be true, there are many services that undoubtedly require the use of mainframe hardware produced by companies such as IBM. The only available information about the EDAS Server-Side Hardware is that it runs on the “USAHRC Data Center Mainframe” (Human Resources Command, 2016). I imagine that this data center is something like the data center represented by SAP. There is certainly a server room. This room contains some sort of primary and secondary cooling. The room also contains a power source and in case that source fails, likely a battery backup to hold interim power while the generators kick on. All of this would be necessary to maintain operational readiness
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