Essay on Enough Immigration

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Enough Immigration Why should the United State’s allow any more immigrants to come in? There are enough people here as is; we don’t need the waste of other countries coming into ours to take up our space and use up all of our resources. We as American’s have rights to our land; the privilege to be an American is losing its sense of worthiness with the increased number of immigrants becoming Americans. The borders of the United States are too open, the U.S. should enforce a lot more security and responsibility in order to help keep the borders closed. The numbers of immigrants is too high. The borders should be closed so that no more immigrants are allowed to come in to take our land and resources from us. As history…show more content…
The president then knew that immigrants were problem, why can’t today’s president realize that? In early New York, many complaints about immigrants because they were regularly found penniless in the streets; they constantly begged for employment; they were found in the alms-houses, and in hospitals. They were found in bars of criminal tribunals, penitentiaries and our state prisons. Immigrants have imposed a huge burden the United States and still do. They are coming in by the hundreds of thousands and even millions a year. In the first decade of the century, the volume of immigrants was at its greatest; the numbers of immigrants often surpassed one million and brought in 10 immigrants per 1000 in most years. In Recent years, there has been a rough average of 800,000 immigrants entering the United States; bringing the ratio of immigrants to 3 to 1000 Americans. Even though the overall rational growth of immigrants has slowed down, in comparison to the first decade of the century. There are still a substantial number of immigrants entering the United State’s everyday. This numbers of immigrants is increasing and increasing; they compose a huge population in our society. To add to the weight
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